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Windows 10 is now available on PC and Phone. Thanks to the help and hard work of the Insiders who are already participating in the Windows Insider Program, it's the best Windows ever. Now, you can continue to help us make it even better.

Join the Windows Insider Program and you'll be able to opt-in to receive preview builds and give us feedback on our latest work.

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What you can do as an Insider

For developers

Help shape the future of Windows

Be a part of the ongoing process of improving the features and functionality of Windows.

Build great apps

Download a preview build of the latest Windows SDK and Emulator, and explore what's new in building universal apps for Windows.

Be a part of the community

Connect with people who are as into technology as you are. Join the forums, swap advice, and learn about upcoming Insider-only events.

Get early access to releases

Download the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview and get ready for the coming PC builds.

Build great hardware

Get preview builds of the hardware development kits and start creating universal drivers for Windows.

Build great devices

Install Windows IoT Core Insider Preview on supported IoT development boards and build amazing connected solutions using the Universal Windows Platform.

See the impact Insiders are having on the future of Windows, how their feedback is being implemented, and how it’s all helping create a more meaningful product.

The best Windows yet is here

Familiar, innovative, productive, and secure

Windows 10 on phone

Windows 10 features and security on your phone!

Windows 10 on desktop

Windows 10 is now available to people around the world!

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